News - 2013

Infinite Rhythm Returns to Lincoln Center

After another successful run in November 2012, Infinite Rhythm (with Steve Chapin - keys/bass and Pat Bautz - drums/percussion) returns for a third consecutive year to Lincoln Center's MEET the ARTIST SERIES, March 6, 7, & 8 at the Bruno Walter Theater.


Slawson Joins Paul Guzzone at NYC Cadillac Unveil

In addition to being Musical Director for The Bacon Brothers (movie star Kevin and brother Michael), Paul Guzzone is an innovative composer and producer often sought after by high profile corporations to provide unique musical experiences to fortify their special events. Cadillac is next in line. Valerie Vagoda (electric violin, vocals & looping) and DJ Neil Armstrong (Jay-Z's world tour DJ) will round out the ensemble on March 26th at the Time Warner Center in NYC. Asked about Producer Guzzone Slawson said," Paul is a monster bass player, singer and MD (musical director) who always brings a fresh approach to his production values. Just look at the lineup for the Cadillac gig. Need I say more?!"


Alfred's Releases Classic Mallet Trios Composer Series

Alfred Music Publishing has released Classic Mallet Trios - Bach and Classic Mallet Trios - Tchaikovsky arranged by Brian Slawson with Beethoven and Mozart editions to come in 2014. "This is a good way to expose young percussionists to the works of the great masters and fun reading material for more advanced players. Frankly, I love this music and am thrilled that Dave Black (Alfred Music Publishing) has been receptive to the arrangements and understands their potential value. In time, I hope this series will become standard fare in student festival and competition repertoire." - BS


    News - 2012

New Slawson Book Releases By Alfred's

Two new works, Dynamic Solos for Timpani and Classic Mallet Trios, Vol. 2 are now available at retailers by Alfred Music Publishing.

Dynamic Solos for Timpani - "Instead of writing a method book, of which there are several that have stood the test of time, I set out to write a collection of works for performance, many reflecting current styles of music rarely applied to timpani. Whenever possible, it's nice to hook students early in the process. Catchy tunes and engaging grooves usually do the trick." - Brian Slawson

Classic Mallet Trios, Volume 2 - Scored for marimba, vibes and orchestra bells, these entry-level arrangements, including hits by Handel and Vivaldi, are wonderful vehicles for exposing budding percussionists to Baroque music.

Coming Soon!: Dynamic Solos for Mallets and Classic Mallet Trios, Composer Series

See all Slawson works by Alfred Music Publishing:


Infinite Rhythm Slays 'em Again at Lincoln Center!

After a successful run in 2011, Infinite Rhythm returned to Lincoln Center to rave reviews in January and March, 2012. Featured with Brian again were Pat Bautz on drums and percussion and Steve Chapin on keys and bass. Said Brian,"Pat's a great friend, a fine drummer and knows audio - making him a triple threat! Steve produced a couple of my Sony/CBS releases and has always been a great mentor to me. It's always a pleasure to work with these guys." Photographer Jonathan Chapin (Steve's son) captured the events for Lincoln Center. Stay tuned for Jonathan's stunning images. In the meantime, check him out at:


New Tapspace Releases

Publisher Tapspace has released new Slawson arrangements for percussionists as the catalogue continues to grow. New works by Brian include hits by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Mendelssohn.

Check out this wonderful performance of Brian's, El Paso Waltz, by a young percussion quartet from Hong Kong!


    News - 2011

BoomerBeats NYC Premier To Hit Lincoln Center In June

Boomer and his band will hit the Big Apple on Saturday, June 4th to light up the stage of the David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center. Lincoln Center's Meet the Artist Saturday Series features a startling variety of family-friendly world-class acts and admission is free!


Infinite Rhythm Rocks Lincoln Center

Slawson's Infinite Rhythm show premiered in January for five shows with repeat performances in March at the Meet the Artist School Series. Also featuring Steve Chapin on keyboards and Pat Bautz on drums, Infinite Rhythm traces the origins of rhythm as tribal communication and its historical development through modern day applications. Educational and highly entertaining, all indicators point to the show's return in 2012!

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    news - 2010

BSO to Perform Slawson Work at 5th Grade Concerts

The Brevard Symphony Orchestra will perform, "Dragon Dance," from "American Anecdotes for Percussion and Orchestra" at this year's 5th grade concerts in Brevard County and Vero Beach, Florida.


Boomerbeats Hits the Web

Check out Slawson's alter ego, "Boomer" for kids!


Boomer to Perform at Children's Center 10th Anniversary

Boomer coming November 4th to Titusville, Florida!

See the Brevard County article here: "BoomerBeats" Premier at Children's Center Concert

Download invitation: The Children's Center Invitation


New Slawson Releases on Tapspace

Tapspace Publications has released three more Slawson items, Scherzo from Felix Mendelssohn's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for 12 mallet players, "Top Tank" an original trio for non-pitched percussion, and J.S. Bach's famous "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" for mallet sextet. You can check them out here: Tapspace


Alfred to Publish Slawson Works

Alfred Publishing, the world's leading publisher of method books for drums and percussion, will be releasing two new works by Brian Slawson in 2011. DYNAMIC SOLOS FOR SNARE DRUM is a versatile collection of solos perfectly suited for Solo & Ensemble use as well as general performance. Said Slawson,"Although the use of dynamics may be the greatest vehicle for expression available to musicians, dynamics are commonly overlooked. Players at all levels often consider pitch and rhythm content first, addressing dynamics as an afterthought. My feeling is that if students included a separate, specialized text from an impressionable age in their studies, the use of dynamics would be fundamentally present in their approach to music making."

In addition to exposing students to valuable repertoire by the great masters, CLASSIC MALLET TRIOS, is bound to provide quality material for solo & ensemble, concerts and recitals while nurturing essential sight reading skills. Stay tuned…


Slawson Trio Hits Lincoln Center

Along with dear friends Steve Chapin (keyboards, bass) and Pat Bautz (drums), Brian Slawson brings his educational presentation,"Infinite Rhythm," to the Meet the Artist School Series at Lincoln Center, NYC in January. Here's how Lincoln Center describes INFINITE RHYTHM:

"Flight of the Bumble Bee" buzzes its speedy course along the keys of the marimba as audiences get a lesson in human communication through skillful percussion displays. Brian Slawson brings his trio of talented rhythm section masters to the School Series for a lively look at the oldest form of communication -- percussive rhythm. From behind his marimba, this Columbia recording artist directs his musical ensemble through the ages while teaching students essentials like musical counting , rhythmic placement, and syncopation. Discover how a drum beat communicated danger, location, and other important messages to advancing armies and small villages. Volunteers will try their hands at creating language through percussion live on stage with the artists.

Cross-Curriculum Interest: Music, ESL, Social Studies, World History, Humanities

Grades 3-5: Tuesday, January 18th, 2011
Grades 6-8: Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
Grades 9-12: Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Visit Lincoln Center »


More Slawson Arrangements Forthcoming from Tapspace

Tapspace Publications, just having released ten Brian Slawson percussion ensemble arrangements (see homepage), is back for more! Scherzo from Felix Mendelssohn's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" for 12 players, Slawson's "Top Tank" trio for non-pitched percussion and J.S. Bach's famous "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring" for mallet sextet, are slated for a Fall 2010 release. You can catch one of Brian's new Tapspace releases performed by the McNeil High School Percussion Ensemble directed by Ian Smith on YouTube.


Slawson Releases New BoomerBeats Kids' CD on BellTone

The new BoomerBeats CD is here (see Product page), replete with cameos by Elliott Randall (Steely Dan), Pat Bautz (3 Dog Night), Kerry Morris (Tina Turner) and a host of others! Having reworked the original concept for years, Slawson's excited about the release. "It's nice to have it in the can. We've put together a powerful tool for kids and parents alike - fun tunes with plenty of educational tie-ins. Bob Bass and Pat Bautz served up some juicy mixes and Hassan Patterson's artwork is slammin'. ( We're expecting good things." CDs and downloads are also available at,, itunes and other online retailers. Watch for coloring books, short stories and coming soon!


Slawsongs Wins Addy Award For BSO Radio Spots

A 2010 Silver Addy was awarded to Slawsongs for Brevard Symphony Orchestra promotional radio spots. "I only had to voice the spots," said Slawson. "It's a lot easier when Richard Wagner supplies the music!"


Slawson Band To Headline Art Of Sand Festival for BSO

The Brian Slawson Band will perform from 4 – 5pm at the Radisson "Resort at the Port" in Cape Canaveral, FL. on Saturday, April 17th, sponsored by the Brevard Symphony Orchestra. The winners of the month long international sand sculpting festival will be announced shortly after the band's performance. Brian's band features: Pat Bautz – drums, Steady Joseph – percussion, Robert Henderson – keyboards, Shain Honkonen – guitar and Kerry Morris – bass. This one shouldn't be missed!


Slawson To Entertain At BSO Fundraiser

Come join Brian and surprise guests at a fundraiser sponsored by the Brevard Symphony's North Guild. The concert will take place at the charming Titusville Playhouse in Brevard County, Florida on May, 1, 2010 at 8pm.


Slawson Student Wins Scholarship Competition

Congratulations to James Rivera, a Brevard Community College sophomore percussion major, for winning first place in the percussion division of the FCCAA Winter Music Symposium Young Artists Competition. James was awarded a $2000.00 music scholarship. The Competition was held Thursday, January 28, 2010 on the campus of the University of North Florida. Mr. Rivera was chosen as the most outstanding student percussion soloist from all of Florida's State Community Colleges. Charlotte Mabrey, percussion instructor at the University of North Florida offered James admission to the UNF School of Music immediately following his performance.

James will perform on the Winner's concert in the Lazzara Performing Arts Center at UNF on Friday, January 29, 2010 at 7:30pm. Slawson said, "James has worked hard. This accomplishment should prove to be a source of pride and inspiration to his piers."


Tapspace Launches Slawson Arrangements

Tapspace Publications has released ten new arrangements by Brian Slawson, some from the Grammy-nominated Bach On Wood recordings. Configurations vary from works for solo percussion, duos, trios, quartets, quintets - all the way up to large ensembles. To see and hear the arrangements, visit Brian's page at the Tapspace site.

    News - 2009

The Donut Goes To France

The Donut, the Balloon and the Lifesaver, directed by Banks Helfrich with music by Brian Slawson, will be featured at this year's Strausbourg International Film Festival in France.

    News - 2008

Tapspace to Publish Slawson Arrangements

Tapspace™ Publications, specializing in creative percussion music, will soon be releasing percussion arrangements by Brian Slawson – from original works, to the highly sought-after "Bach On Wood" treatments. Works will range from solos to large ensembles. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Tapspace publications are available for purchase worldwide from their website as well as from outstanding retailers. Many of their offerings are available exclusively on the Tapspace website in downloadable format, allowing quick and easy access to their diverse catalogue for adventurous percussionists.

Slawson is also a sponsored endorser of Tapspace's Virtual Drumline™ that allows users to achieve ultra lifelike playback of percussion sounds while composing. Virtual Drumline has revolutionized the way music educators, composers, and arrangers write and teach their music and has become a standard library of sounds in the education field. Tapspace has formed partnerships with Sibelius Software, the world's leading developer of notation software that Brian also endorses.

Being used daily to help shape and influence the rapidly growing percussive arts and the technology that is catapulting it forward, Brian is thrilled with his affiliation to Tapspace and Sibelius.


Triple Scoop Music Licensing Slawson Works

Triple Scoop Music, the premier music licensing service for photographers, videographers and other creative professionals, is now licensing works from the Slawsongs catalogue. Triple Scoop's "royalty free" music collections include Grammy and Emmy winning artists, as well as acclaimed songwriters and musicians from around the globe.


Slawson to Conduct World Premier with BSYO

The Brevard Symphony Youth Orchestra will perform the world premier of "American Anecdotes for Percussion & Orchestra," by Brian Slawson. (see flier under SPECIAL EVENTS for details) The 4-movement work is a thrilling collection of pop-oriented originals derived from a variety of American musical influences.

The BSYO concert will also feature three concerto winners from within the orchestra. And the winners are… (drum roll, please) Carly Gomez – Bassoon, Jared Mushill - French horn & Haley Rhodeside – Harp.

Click here for a free download of "American Anecdotes for Percussion & Orchestra."


Slawsongs Receives 2008 Best of Merritt Island Award

USLBA award

WASHINGTON D.C., September 25, 2008--Slawsongs has been selected for the 2008 Best of Merritt Island Award in the Recording Studios category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).

The USLBA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USLBA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2008 USLBA Award Program focused on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the USLBA and data provided by third parties.


Slawson Scores Independent Film

Filmmaker and multi-media artist, Banks Helfrich, has completed his latest feature film, "The Donut, The Balloon and The Lifesaver." (see movie trailer) Also known as 'The Jiggleman,' Banks has several appearances on Late Show with David Letterman to his credit. ( Said Slawson of working on the project,"Banks has terrific instincts, a healthy imagination and a great sense of humor. What's not to like?!"


Scholastic Fall 2008 Book Fair Kicks Off

"Soma! Ota! Kua!" is exuberantly chanted over a vibrant African percussion music bed. Swahili for read, dream and grow, this fall's Scholastic Book Fair Safari hopes to encourage 40,000,000 kids across America to do all three. Enter Scootervision, Inc. to produce a riveting DVD promoting Scholastic's newest titles for 2008. In addition to featuring interviews and segments with the authors, the promotional DVD features a pulsating music track produced by Slawsongs. "The theme for this fall's book fair is 'Safari.' What could be more engaging for kids than the rhythmic vitality of jungle drums while perusing Scholastic's offerings? Scootervision ( did an excellent job assembling the essential components of the video. Also, the graphics provided by Wolfhound Animation ( were top shelf," said Slawson. For details on the Scholastic Fall 2008 Book Fair Safari visit To hear the theme music by Brian Slawson click here.


Rave Reviews for Puccini's Turandot


The Orlando Opera Company's 50th Anniversary season celebration reached a high note in April as it completed a sold-out run of Puccini's grandest work, Turandot. The fact that the Turandot score requires truckloads of exotic percussion made it particularly appealing to Slawson. Said Brian," Due to the mere scope and cost of the production, it's not often one gets the opportunity to play Turandot, particularly under the baton of Anton Coppola. Maestro Coppola, who is 92 years of age, sang in the children's chorus at the American premier of this work at the Metropolitan Opera in 1927! Suffice it to say, he knows this opera pretty well! He's a dear man, a gem. To see an icon at such an advanced age approach every musical nuance with such commitment and affection is a privilege and an honor. I'll never forget it." (pictured left to right Carl Rendek, Bob Petta, Maestro Anton Coppola, Slawson and Kirk Gay)(

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    news - 2007

Gatto's Tires & Auto Service Launches Holiday Campaign

Voted North America's "Top Shop" by Tire Review Magazine, Gatto's Tires & Auto Service has launched a new holiday ad campaign, once again featuring a custom music score by Brian Slawson.

Said Slawson, "Bill Ronat (Executive Vice President of Brandt Ronat & Company) showed me a charming script for a holiday television spot showcasing several generations of Gatto family members. I thought it might bolster Brandt Ronat's chances for a successful presentation if the proposal included a demo of the music score. Investing the time to create an up-front demo helps the potential client fully understand the package concept. Fortunately, our fortitude paid off." (listen to score)


Gatto's Wins "Top Shop" Award from Tire Review Magazine

Beating out more than 100 other independent shops, Gatto's Tires & Auto Service has been recognized as the best overall tire dealership in North America.

"My father started this business in 1972 with the simple promise that we don't sell tires and service, we sell piece of mind and make vehicles safe for our customers," said Pam Gatto, CEO of Gatto's Tires & Auto Service.

Bill Ronat, Executive Vice President of Brandt Ronat & Company, one of Florida's most respected ad agencies, came to Slawsongs looking for a blockbuster "hook" that would grab the public's attention and further personify the Gatto image.

"The 'Gotta Go to Gatto's' jingle that Brian Slawson and Bob Bass created for Gatto's Tires & Auto Service has been the backbone of our television and radio campaigns for several years now. The client has embraced the concept fully and the music continues to appeal to everyone, with no signs of getting old. The jingle is not just catchy—it's rock solid. Although it was written for a locally owned network of stores in Florida, the jingle is world-class. There's no doubt in my mind that the jingle helped Gatto's get the attention of Tire Review Magazine and was instrumental in their receiving the Top Shop Award."

In addition to having penned the jingle with Bob Bass, Slawson also performs the voice-overs. (listen to radio spot)


Slawson to Endorse Zildjian

Brian Slawson has joined the Zildjian family of artist endorsers. "Keith Aleo (Director of Education and Orchestral Activities) is a top notch professional who truly understands the mutual benefits of artist endorsements," said Slawson. "It's clear to me that maintaining their family-owned status has enabled Zildjian to develop meaningful relationships with their artists, while sustaining superlative quality control. Most importantly, their amazing instruments have been the key to Zildjian's dominance as the premier manufacturer of cymbals in the world."


Surfs Up On New BEACHES Spot

Once again, Slawsongs music hits the waves on a new promotional spot for the BEACHES chain of family resorts, produced by MediaScope Creative. "This particular arrangement features an improvised steel pan solo over the chord changes to a Bach Invention," said Slawson. "I'm not sure J.S. Bach was much of a surfer, but I remember reading that Ben Franklin invented flippers! Well, he wore a wig too, didn't he?" Click here to watch trailer. (Requires Quicktime)


Slawsongs Flash Discography Page Featured In Myjive Press Site

Myjive has partnered with Grammy nominated percussionist Brian Slawson in developing several interactive and print campaigns including; album art, online discography, demo media, and promotional materials. In doing so, the Myjive crew has experienced a person so genuine that we consider him one of our own. Not only is he a master of his craft, he carries a persona that is by far the highlight of every party. Brian, we salute you.

Along with the Slawsongs website re-design in 2004, Myjive has developed; a media-rich Flash video and audio portfolio, logo and identity package, album art, press-kits, sheet music cover designs, print collateral, product photography, hosting and server management, and the list continues. Brian's web presence has been a unique production process. This site that is currently online is a cumulative result of countless revisions and additions that are literally "several years in the making." In other words, we started small and now it is a monster!

This latest piece is a Flash-based discography section populated with Brian's entire collection of recordings. With a cover-flow inspired interface, you can quickly access and listen to any track from an archive of albums. Best of all, it is progressive-streaming through a Flash media component, so no more waiting for high-quality audio files to load.

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    news - 2006

Slawson Signs With Sibelius Software

Brian Slawson has completed an endorsement deal with Sibelius notation software. Regarding the new affiliation, Slawson said, "The timing of this deal couldn't be better. While assembling my percussion arrangements for release in sheet music form and digital download, Sibelius came to the rescue. The advent of the internet brought with it unbridled potential, yet endless possibilities can be difficult to harness. Having had my share of dealings with major record labels and publishers in the past, I dreamed of a day when I could have more of a say in the aesthetic quality and distribution of my work. What creative artist hasn't wondered what it would be like to streamline the delivery process, not to mention secure more of the profits generated by their tireless efforts? From its user-friendly notation software and secure internet publishing, to forward-thinking approach to education and innovation, Sibelius is the future of the music notation business. My thanks to Sibelius' Larry Marchese for making this possible.


Slawson To Perform At Harry Chapin Benefit

Chaplin Benefit Concert

Brian Slawson will open for the Chapins at the Harry Chapin Food Bank Benefit on May 28, 2006 in Ft. Myers, Florida. When asked of his relationship to the Chapin family Slawson said, "let's see... patriarch and drummer Jim Chapin's Music Minus One Big Band Drummer series was my first exposure to jazz drumming at age ten. I've worked as a session player for Tom Chapin, one of the country's leading children / children's'performers and Steve produced two of my Sony/CBS recordings. We are currently working on a Christmas record. I've had the good fortune to perform with the Chapin family at charity fundraisers for years, including a sold-out gala at Carnegie Hall featuring Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon and Pat Benetar."

"The Chapins have been actively involved with charitable causes since I can remember. In order to do my part, I pitched the following to Joyce Jacobs, Executive Director of the Harry Chapin Food Bank: Together with John Wallace (John was Harry's bass player and sang the famous falsetto solo on his "Taxi" hit), we could create an offshoot of the Harry Chapin Food Bank - Fat People For Hunger! She didn't go for it...


'End of the Spear' In Theaters January 20th

Brian Slawson's thundering drum sound is here once again! This time, in 'End of the Spear', a feature film distributed by Sony Pictures.

The story takes place in the tribal rainforest of Ecuador and features an intense soundtrack by composer Ron Owen. Brian was part of an all-star percussion lineup including friends Keith Wilson and Steady Joseph. "Ron (Owen, the film's composer) is always exciting to work with", said Brian. "In addition to writing carefully orchestrated cues, he always seems to know when it's appropriate to let the session musicians do their thing. Being that these were tribal drum applications, we had plenty of opportunities to let it all hang out."


"XClassics" Hits The Big Screen!

Brian Slawson's fan favorite, "Bumble B. Blues", will appear on the feature film soundtrack of "American Shopper". Said Slawson, "Steve Chapin (producer and co-writer) and I recorded the original take-off of Rimsky Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumble Bee" on my "Distant Drums" CD (CBS Records) in 1988. Also featuring the guitar of Stevie Ray Vaughan, it seemed obvious to me that this colorful track was perfectly suited for secondary exploitations (licensing). After
twenty years of inactivity with Sony/CBS I created a new version for my Belltone label with guitarist Austin Pettit, enabling Slawsongs Inc. to control the licensing interests. In one year, we accomplished what CBS couldn't in twenty!"

Executive Producer of "American Shopper", Nanette Burstein, is an Academy Award nominated director whose films include "On the Ropes" and "The Kid Stays in the Picture". Hungarian director/cinematographer, Tamas Bojtor's recent work includes "NYPD 24/7" for ABC, "Taboo" for National Geographic, and "Film
School" for IFC. His work has also been featured on Showtime, CourtTV, Discovery, A&E and TLC. "American Shopper" started shooting in September, 2005. Stay tuned for theatrical release dates.

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    news - 2005 Happenings

"Boomer" Heads To Television

Slawsongs Inc. has struck a deal with ScooterVision Inc. to develop the smash kids' CD, "Boomer" and create parent company, "BoomerToons Inc." BoomerToons will develop the "Boomer" brand, creating an interactive website, stage productions, music videos and merchandise.

ScooterVision is the brainchild of Scott Bennett, who's current endeavors include directing and co-producing VH-1's prime-time hit, "Hogan Knows Best", starring Hulk Hogan. Scott's current VH-1 opportunity came after a long stint with Nickelodeon which caught the attention of Slawsongs. "I've worked hard in order to find someone with the proper experience, resources and personality to bring to this project," said Slawson. "Scott's market knowledge, gained from his experience with Nickelodeon, is bound to be invaluable. Scott and I have big plans for BoomerToons."

Scott was head writer for Nickelodeon's award-winning daytime hit, "Slime Time Live", for six seasons, writing for such talents as Dana Carvey, Amanda Bynes, Frankie Muniz, and "Spongebob Squarepants" (Tom Kinney). He has also produced and directed music videos, (MTV2, FUSE, BET), as well as TV commercials and
corporate projects. Some of Mr. Bennett's corporate clients include McDonald‚s, The Walt Disney Company, Viacom, Johnson & Johnson, Entertainment Publications, Sysco, Tupperware, ADP and The Orlando Magic.


Brian Slawson Featured in Top 100 at Juilliard

In honor of the Juilliard School's yearlong celebration of its Centennial, Faircount LLC has published a 200 page commemorative book, Dance Drama Music: 100 Years of The Juilliard School, featuring articles, interviews, and profiles of 100 outstanding alumni including: Itzhak Perlman, Van Cliburn, Kevin Spacey, Yo -Yo Ma, Robin Williams, Leontyne Price, Kevin Kline, James Levine, Kelsey Grammer, Renee Fleming, Philip Glass, Patti Lupone, Wynton Marsalis and even P.D.Q. Bach! When asked how it felt to be featured with artists of such high regard Slawson joked, "Not bad for a guy who plays woodblocks and gongs for a living!"

Click here to download publication highlights (pdf).


Brevard Youth Symphony Honors Slawson

The Brevard Youth Symphony Orchestra honored Brian Slawson at a recent gathering of the Brevard Cultural Alliance for his contributions to the group. This year, Brian staged a fundraiser performance enabling the organization to refurbish and purchase percussion instruments. Several of Slawson's talented students are members of the orchestra.


"Boomer" Songs Licensed To Tonka Toys

Three songs from Brian Slawson's "Boomer" were licensed to Tonka Toys, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. The "Boomer Theme" and "Everyone Is Special" were licensed for use on a boy's "Dig It" DVD and "Ballerina" will be used on the "My Little Pony" DVD series for girls.


Slawson To Be Featured In McGraw-Hill Curriculum

In addition to being profiled in the Warner Bros. "Music Expressions" curriculum, supplying the voice for "Gusto, the Bulldog", and performing as accessory percussionist, Brian Slawson will appear in the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill "Music Connection" curriculum. Both products feature DVDs, CDs and books designed to assist music educators. For years Slawson's recordings have been a popular choice for teachers when exposing students to classical music.


"Bach On Wood" Song Book In Development

After years of requests from around the world, Slawsongs has struck a deal with Brevard Symphony Principal Percussionist, Kirk Gay, to publish solo and percussion ensemble arrangements based on the Grammy-nominated "Bach On Wood" recordings. These lively arrangements are sure to be a welcomed addition to both college and advanced high school percussion ensemble programs.


Slawson & Friends Drum Up $5000 for the BSYO!

In a smashing afternoon of entertainment at Simkins Hall, Cocoa, Florida, eager percussion students enthusiastically joined forces with Brian Slawson to raise cash for the Brevard Symphony Youth Orchestra percussion section. Joining Mr. Slawson were Kelsey Nickerson, Kostas Galanopoulus, Trevor Olesiak, former student - Christian Tamburr, and Brevard Symphony Principal Percussionist - Kirk Gay. Vic Firth Inc. supported the event with drumsticks and posters for the kids. Mr. Slawson also presented Sheila King (President of the Board of Directors) with a gorgeous new, custom made snare drum from Nolin Drums ( replete with a BSYO badge on the shell. Said Slawson, "This was a terrific, well coodinated event by the BSYO directors." Florida Today newspaper graciously did its part by providing the kind of coverage that assures a sold-out venue and the student performances were energetic and creative. Talent + management + publicity = SUCCESS! BSYO General Manager, Lorie Wacaster thanked Mr. Slawson, "We were truly humbled by your actions on our behalf!"


Slawsongs/Bass-O-Matic Pen
New Jingle For Florida Today Newspaper

Brian Slawson has once again teamed up with Bob Bass of Bass-O-Matic Productions to create a custom jingle in support of Florida Today's new EZ Pay radio ad campaign. EZ Pay affords customers a no-hassle, automatic payment method for their subscriptions via credit cards. This is Florida Today's fourth request for custom music by Brian Slawson and Bob Bass. Repeat business has become the hallmark of the Slawsongs success story "once we get 'em, we keep 'em!"


Slawson Tracks Percussion For Feature Film:
"End Of The Spear"

Brian Slawson was once again called upon to lend his unique sound to the "End of the Spear" feature film soundtrack. The story takes place in the tribal rainforest of South America and the recording session called for heavy percussion. Brian had previously worked with the film's composer, Ron Owen, on the stage production of "Ben Hur".


Slawsongs Inks Deal With

Slawsongs has reach an agreement with internet sound library Created in May of 1997 by Hollywood sound editors with over sixty feature film credits, will now be offering original songs from Brian Slawson's CDs to movie and television studios. Sounddogs has over 400,000 sounds including award winning sound effects and world class music for productions of any size and budget.

Over the last eight years the need for sound effects and music for productions of all kinds has only increased. pride themselves in offering the best and most unique collection of sounds from all over the world for their customers. With new product channels, suppliers and artists, downloadable packs of sounds and an enhanced software design, has continued to pioneer the market. clients include Academy Award nominated films such as Million Dollar Baby, Guess Who, Glory Road, Ali, Ice Princess, Miracle, Sea Biscuit, Meet The Parents, The Wonder Boys, As Good As It Gets, The Green Mile, Titanic, Stuart Little, Jerry Maguire and many more. They have also provided sound effects to large corporations such as Microsoft (XP Movie Maker and MSDN), Apple (iMovie I & II), Sprint Communications, Electronic Arts, Sony, and Sega, to name a few.. is the first and largest online sound effects library on the Internet and continues to lead the market by increasing the massive online library every month with high quality new content. The company was founded by Rob Nokes, a motion picture sound supervisor/editor/designer with over 15 years experience. He continues to stay on the cutting edge of the current and ever evolving Hollywood movie scene.


Slawsongs To Produce Product Inserts For Mid-East Mfg

Mid-East Manufacturing (, one of the largest instrument mail order retailers in the country, has requested that Slawsongs furnish product inserts to accompany their exotic percussion instruments. Inserts will include instrument history, common applications, technique tips and musical examples.


Slawson Endorser Relationships Continue To Thrive

Instrument manufacturers Selmer-Ludwig/Musser (timpani, drums and mallet instruments), Zildjian (cymbals), Vic Firth (mallets & sticks), Remo (drum heads, ethnic drums), Alternate Mode (electronic controllers), Rhythm Tech (hand percussion), Grover Pro Percussion (orchestral percussion), Earthtone (non-synthetic heads), Amphibiaphone (turtle-shelled temple blocks) and Nolin Drums (custom-made drums), continue their essential support of Brian Slawson performances and productions. Brian and the folks at Slawsongs wish to thank our endorsers for continuing to produce cutting edge, top quality products. That's why we play 'em! Visit the FAQ page for endorser links.

   team members

Introducing Rosary Alvarez
Director of Marketing, Publicity

Having done her Master's work in English and Bachelor's in Political Science at the University of New Orleans, Rosary found a perfect outlet for her creative writing skills by taking part in marketing, audience development, and fundraising efforts for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. As a political activist and former President of the Professional Women of Greater New Orleans, Rosary brings an invaluable array of diverse skills to the Slawsongs mix. Said Slawson, "Rosary is a dream come true for this music company. In addition to possessing flawless communication skills, Rosary is a highly skilled editor and writer. Factor in her marketing, public
relations and fundraising experience, and you've got a tour deforce that's destined to have a profound impact on this company's bottom line."


Shannon Alvarez

Slawsongs is pleased to welcome its newest addition to the publicity and promotions team, Shannon Alvarez. Shannon displays a charming exuberance, only to be outdone by her own diversity. In addition to having already excelled in the world of finance, retail and education, Shannon boasts a long lineage of musical prowess. Her grandfather was a choral conductor, her husband is a high school band director and her father is a world-class tenor who has performed with the Metropolitan Opera! Welcome, Shannon. Judging from the rave reviews, your future is bound to be filled with curtain calls!


Donna Pierpont
Publicity Director

Hailing from Brewster, New York, Donna Pierpont boasts over 15 years of success in strategic and operational public relations. In addition to her Dean's List status at the University of Vermont and her subsequent study of communication arts at Cornell University, Donna has since become a published writer as well as Manager of Product Publicity for the Reader's Digest Association's Books & Home Entertainment division. She has twice received Praxair's Special Recocognition Award for developing communications campaigns supporting their
microelectronics division and business expansion in Asia. In addition to managing media tours for Frito-Lay and Guinness on behalf of Dorf & Stanton Communications, Donna also launched "Fine Cooking" magazine for The Tauntonn Press in Newtown, CT.

Ms. Pierpont was a PR Committee Member of Magazine Publishers of America and is currently Owner/President of the award winning public relations firm, Roaring Brook Communications, Inc. in Brewster. She has won Tele and Ace Awards for her outstanding video productions.

Donna Pierpont‚s a big-picture thinker whose "hands-on, no surprises" management style can only be eclipsed by her remarkable sense of humor -- a perfect fit for the Slawsongs squad!

Jan Jewett
Assist Marketing Director

Entering her 28th year in show business, Jan Jewett lends her impressive marketing and managing skills to the Slawsongs team. For 7 years, Jan managed the prestigious Las Vegas based costume company, Imagination, Inc. Her client list includes Aretha Franklin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Bennett, Bruce Willis, Cher, Sylvester Stallone, Barry Manilow, David Copperfield, Kenny Rogers, Siegfried & Roy, David Cassidy, Kenny Loggins, Rich Little, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon, Hugh Hefner and

Jan has carefully honed her skills in diverse venues from Walt Disney World to the Vegas Strip to, you guessed it, Carnagie Hall. Broadway touring production credits include "Swing" and "Footloose."

Jan's corporate client list includes Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, World Wrestling Federation, Coca-Cola and AT&T. Ms. Jewett's work has been seen on ABC, MTV, The Discovery Channel, BBC, HBO and VH1. Welcome, Jan Jewett. We're thrilled to have you!

M. William Krasilovsky

M. William Krasilovsky is co-author of "This Business of Music", published by Billboard, the leading trade paper of the music industry. "TB of M" is recognized as the leading reference text in the world by the American Library Association and ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). In addition to representing the estates of such luminaries as Rachmaninoff, Fats Waller and Duke Ellington, Mr. Krasilovsky has represented classic industry figures such as Johnny Cash, Crystal Gale, Chuck Berry and Harry Connick Jr. In recent years Mr. Krasilovsky has also been engaged in various litigation involving the estates of Jimi Hendrix and Igor Stravinsky. M. William Krasilovsky has served as Mr. Slawson's copyright and publishing attorney and both have enjoyed a close personal relationship since 1985.

Max Horowitz

Max Horowitz is the founder of Crossover Media Inc., a full service music promotion company serving record labels, production companies and artists. Crossover Media specializes in marketing unique projects to target and niche audiences. As a producer, Mr. Horowitz has won the prestigious Peabody Award. His client list of record labels include: Sony Classical, Columbia, Sony Nashville, Universal Classics, ECM, Decca, GTSP, A&M, RCA Victor, BMG Classics, Windham Hill, Private Music, EMI Classics, Angel, Blue Note, Virgin and Disney Records. Max also serves independent labels such as MCA Soundtracks and Koch International (one of the world's largest music distribution companies).

In addition to proudly serving Mr. Slawson, Max has skillfully served a stunning array of artists: Paul McCartney, Leonard Bernstein, Celine Dion, Rolling Stones, Charlotte Church, Pink Floyd, Chet Atkins, Chick Corea, Jethro Tull, Danny Elfman, Genesis, George Winston, Yes, Isaac Stern, James Galway, Queen, The Chieftains, Procal Harem, Wynton Marsalis, Placido Domingo, John Williams, Yo Yo Ma, Vangelis, Paul Winter, Ravi Shankar, John Tesh and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Mr. Horowitz has also contributed to a host of movie soundtracks: Titanic, Star Wars, Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones, Planet of the Apes, The Producers, Mr. Holland's Opus, Mask of Zorro, The Red Violin, October Sky, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Shakespeare in Love, Deep Impact, The Cider House Rules, He Got Game, The Insider, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Grease, Apollo 13, Erin Brockovich, Sweet Smell of Success and Fantasia 2000.

Max Horowitz and Crossover Media will play the all-important role of targeting key radio markets and radio promotions. This includes weekly tracking reports as well as making products available to advertisers and bartering goods for product exposure. In addition to creating a newsletter as a sales and promotional tool, Max will create online promotions with traditional media. A new direct market subscription series as well as national magazine, television and cable press are options. As a long time fan of Mr. Slawson's diverse work; from pop, jazz, children's and classical -crossover recordings to feature film scores, corporate videos and radio & television jingles, Max is the man to bring Brian's unique custom music to the marketplace.

Steve Chapin

Steve Chapin is the brother of the late great Harry Chapin (of "Cats In The Cradle" and "Taxi" fame) and Tom Chapin, America's top selling children's act. Steve arranged and produced the platinum-selling album, Harry Chapin, Greatest Stories Live for Elektra Records. He has also had a long career in advertising, film music and jingle production, from IBM to Coca-Cola to American Express during his 40 years in the business. Chapin's one-of-a-kind producing style is already in evidence on two of Brian's Sony/CBS releases, Distant Drums and Bach Beat. Steve also remains an active member of NARAS (the Grammy organization).

J S Rudsenske, PLLC

J. Scott "Skip" Rudsenske has been practicing entertainment law since 1989. Mr. Rudsenske received his bachelors degree at The University Of North Texas and received his J.D. from South Texas College of Law in Houston Texas.

Mr. Rudsenske has sat on the board of directors of Houston Association of Film and Television, The Houston Music Counsel and The Entertainment and Sports Law section of the Texas State Bar. He has taught music business classes at undergraduate colleges and is the author of Music Business Made Simple: Guide To Becoming A Recording Artist. His firm maintains the web site Music

Mr. Rudsenske represents national recording artists, independent record and film companies. He has owned a 300 seat live music venue and personally produced events by artists such as Bush, Oasis, Jewel, Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox 20, and ZZ Top. Skip currently oversees Slawsongs copyright and publishing interests.