Modern Drummer
"Slawson is a visionary, be it performer, producer or composer."

Audio Magazine
"This gem of a light-classic really belongs in some high-level pop category"


St. Petersburg Times
"Who will like this record? This record will have such wide appeal it should be reviewed under "popular" rather than "classical." This is one of the most delightful recordings I have ever heard, creative and invigorating. Slawson is a person you'll want to meet."

New York Magazine
"You may have seen Brian Slawson flailing away at his marimba outside the Metropolitan Museum. Not any more!"

Seventeen Magazine
"With humor and deft skill"

Consumers Research
"Cleverly arranged, admirably played and recorded. Teenagers may embrace it!"

San Antonio Express News
"Refreshing. The music flows from Slawson's mallets."

Tucson Citizen
"Sincere and quite melodic. Slawson's command of tonal blends is magnificent."

The Datebook - Orange County, California
"This is a drummer's delight. Beautiful and respectful of the composer's intentions." - The Datebook, Orange County, California

Observer - Raleigh, NC
"Percussionist Slawson has done a remarkable job! This appeals to young and old." -

Anniston Star
"A labor of love ... culling praise from John Hammond Sr., the man who discovered Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and George Benson! Will be sure to appeal to children - and the child in the rest of us."

Chattanooga Times
"It is certain to catch as much commotion as 'Switched On Bach.' The effects are startling, unique and totally mesmerizing"

Copley News Service
"Clever... Ingenious"


"Brian Slawson is an extraordinarily talented percussionist and arranger, and a performer with a tremendous future." - John Hammond, Sr.

"Brian has reached new creative heights in percussion. This was the finest percussion performance I've ever seen. Such bravado!" - William Ludwig, Jr.

"The finest young percussionist to come along in many years!" - Lionel Hampton

"Thanks for letting this music remain true to itself." - Stevie Ray Vaughan

- Jim Chapin, legendary drummer and author of Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer

Brian on Stage

"Lots of musicians have taken the classics and reinterpreted them in modern arrangements, but Brian Slawson is on a whole other plain." - Arts Connection, WMFE

"Brian's personable manner and lively, energetic playing made him an instant crowd favorite. He's a gifted musician who derives pleasure from playing his music and constantly expanding his artistic horizons." - Danielle Grootenboer, The Ram

"Stunning. Captivating!" - National Public Radio

"Brian Slawson is a most artistic percussionist. His technique is flawless, expressive, and he is an imaginative arranger. These performances are quite beautiful... They steal upon your senses... provide fleeting magic" ... - WMUU Program Guide

"Slawson has a great sound!" - WLOQ Radio

"A percussion arsenal" - Jam Entertainment News

"The performance, as well as the sound of these recordings, is of a very high quality. Add this one to your collection." - William F. Miller, Modern Percussionist

"Brilliant young percussionist, a unique rare recital of much merit" - Stevens Point Journal, Wisconsin

"Exotic" - Green Compact Disc Catalogue

"XClassics, filled with interpretations of classical pieces as well as original compositions, will have you jumping out of your seat." - Creations Music Reviews

"Brian Slawson is the epitome of the modern percussionist." -